“We provide structural strength and the ability to build on site in just one day.”


100% of our Pods are mobile

80% of our products are made with Recyclable Materials

100% of our Pods offer flexible work space

Purchasing your room directly from iCON Pods means you’ll enjoy all the price advantages of buying directly from the manufacturers sole distributor/ agent. If you’re looking for a stress free project, you’re in the right place.

With our pods, you can be comfortable all year round with the ability to work anywhere, meet anywhere, and be anywhere. iCON Pods is an excitable and enjoyable project. Offering the whole package from start to finish.

Our vision is of a low-carbon and high-wellbeing future where all buildings are sustainable. Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly modular buildings to multiple markets.

Our iCON Pods combine sustainability with luxury. Their high-end design is what sets us apart from other eco accommodation suppliers. We’re sure to provide you with comfort, a connection to nature and flexibility for leisure, learning and living.

Our work feeds into our wider vision for a sustainable society. We understand that housing, leisure, and education (among other sectors) needs to drastically change course in order to provide a high quality of life within the planet’s limits.

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