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iCON Pods are increasingly popular mainly due to the increasing need to create meeting spaces and ‘quiet zones’ within open-plan offices or other open areas. iCON Pods create a room within a room and are now available with a number of features such as led lighting controlled by infra-red, whiteboard panels, TV monitor units and air circulation units to make each meeting or user session as comfortable as possible.


Our iCON pods are freestanding and do not need to be fixed to any internal walls or ceilings which means they’re 100% mobile. Without the removal costs of our pods, there is less negotiations with landlords and more savings for you.

Productivity is key for all businesses, and one of the leading factors that can negatively affect this is a noisy and distracting working environment in which concentration is difficult and speech intelligibility compromised. Office spaces can very easily be some of the noisiest we encounter in the working day, particularly in call centres and open plan rooms. Steps to making the environment more comfortable can significantly improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

iCON Pods are not only limited to office environments, they also function well in open foyers, hospitals, schools, and colleges.



Marketing Vitality

The pandemic has resulted in high demand for affordable secure high-quality home office working space. Independent employer surveys show over 40% of service staff now home working 3 to 4 days per week. 30% are working at home full time, up from 12% in 2019. Surveys show this change will be permanent due to:

Employers are reducing their office rental costs – City of London full-time desk cost saving is £40K per person pa. Employers who are not as flexible are now losing good staff. Masks in shared offices are mandatory; all-day mask wear is highly uncomfortable and less effective than home zooms with no masks.

Home video tech is cheap, secure, reliable, and liked by teams. Staff with usable home space are more productive due to safety as pandemic growth is inevitable, with a higher risk for commuters and office sharers; No commute time means more time at work; No commute cost means less stress with more work-life balance.

During 2020 the pandemic has caused a seismic shift in working behaviours and the iCON Pod has consequently pivoted its 2021 business plan to focus on supporting the new wave of 3 million additional home office workers.

National productivity and quality of life for millions can be improved if UK home workers meet the challenge to promote and deliver high-quality private secure working space at home.