Planning Granted for Wellingborough Apartments

Wellingborough Apartments

Planning granted for affordable apartments to rent in Wellingborough

The site of a former local working warehouse on Cambridge Street, Wellingborough is set to be re-developed as affordable apartments after planning permission was granted for the 6 apartments.

The site was formerly a working warehouse and since 2019 the existing building has become derelict and a community eye sore.

Planning permission has now been granted for the rented properties to be built on Cambridge Street, Wellingborough by the family owned OEH Group. The site was originally purchased from a small developer and upon completion each property will become a luxury studio apartment.

OEH Group has a proud history of projects within the Wellingborough community, with the group completing the conversion of the historic shoe factory on Arthur Street. The then derelict building was converted into an award-winning 12 luxury, high specification apartments completed in late 2018.

OEH Group now move forward with the same goal within Cambridge Street.