Announcing Our Partnership with ITF

iCON Pods are pleased to announce our partnership with the International Tree Foundation charity in our aims to reduce our carbon footprint and help combat Climate Change and Deforestation. 

A little bit about ITF:

ITF was founded in 1922. We are tree planters, farmers, foresters, ITF members and supporters, community organisers, entrepreneurs, and teachers. We share a vision with many millions of people, of a world in which trees and forests flourish and their vital role in sustaining planetary and human well-being is valued. If we come together, we can realise this future.

We work every day to:

  • plant trees and restore forests
  • strengthen community and ecosystem resilience, and
  • provide sustainable fuel, food and medicine for households and markets.

We make the greatest difference by supporting emerging community based groups to grow and become independent forest conservation organisations.

This way, we restore and conserve forests, and promote cultures of forest stewardship for generations.

Over the past year, we have helped:

  • 2,137 small holder farmers increase their yield
  • 3,055 people increase  their income
  • 6,318 members become active in landscape restoration
  • grow over 500,000 trees, and conserve or restore 37,354 ha
  • 119 community based organisations increase capacity

We’re a small charity working hard to support as many emerging forest conservation organisations grow to independence as possible, so all donations are appreciated.

Please head over to the ITF website to learn more about what they do as a charity, the communities they help and how to get involved with ITF to aid their mission of 20 Million trees planted by 2024.